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Two ADAU1701s sharing the same MCLK?

Question asked by audiolab1 on Jul 8, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2011 by audiolab1

At the moment I have an application which will require two ADAU1701 DSPs. I am not yet set on building a dedicated dual DSP board and might simply use two identical boards with a single DSP setup on each. Regardless of which route I take, I'd like to have both DSPs running off of the same MCLK. Jerad posted a response in a thread last year describing how to output a generated clock from the serial output (MP11). I have followed those instructions and using the attached project I get the correct clock on MP11. After storing the project in memory, I am able to self boot the DSP and the clock appears on each reset. However, that only works when the USB connection to the USBi board is connected. As soon as I disconnect the USB cable from the USBi and reset again, the clock disappears. Does anyone see anything wrong with my setup?