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Reding of Register in ADXL375,Not Giving Value As Set.

Question asked by Hinesh1 on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by Anthony.DeSimone

neilzhao .


Hi neil,
I am having ADXL375 in my project. My problem is as below


I am setting Value in 0x2C ( BW Rate) -> 0x0B.

In Threshold Shock Register 0x1D -> 0x0B.
In Duration Register 0x21 -> 0x0B.


While setting I am able to set values , But When Read Above register., For 0x2C Reg. I am getting correct value  As I have Set, But I am not getting Correct value ( or Value I have set) in other two Register While reading.

Though I am setting Value 0x0B in 0x1D i am getting 0x10;

and While setting value 0x0B in 0x21, I am getting 0xFA

Is there any setting That need to be done while setting above registers, Or any conversion That I need to take in calculations while reading.
Your input is very much needed here.