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Re: AD8302 voltage dips

Question asked by zapora.nicolas on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by jdobler
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I'm using the AD8302 for phase detection, with the circuit of the figure 4 on the datasheet.

I have the 1.8V in the Vref, C1 C4 C6 C5 = 100nF, R1 R2 = 51ohms, C2 C8 = 100nF. Frequency 100MHz

But every signal that I apply on the Input, becomes a DC level. Even if I variate the frequency or the amplitude level of my signals, the Input has only a DC level. For example, before the C1 I apply my signal with 150mVpp 100MHz, the voltage that I have after this C1, is always the same, a DC level proportional of the supply voltage. Is my AD8302 fried?