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Question asked by faina on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by mbradley

Dear Analog Support,

1) I want to connect an external 1.8V reverence to the VREF of the AD5697R. In 

the first page of the data sheet  the Table 1 indicates that the external
Vref is not supported, however Table 6 says the opposite. Can you clarify ?


2) What is the accuracy of the DAC if I connect a lower external VREF (1.8V) ?
I need an external VREF due to the external 1.4V full scale range device and at

the same time the need to get 12 bit accuracy with 1.6mV max output offset DAC error.

3) In the meanwhile I disable the internal VREF (via an IIC command), is
there any shortcut to VREF pin if I connect an external 1.8V VREF ?