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AD9826 problem in CDS mode

Question asked by arjunkrishna on Mar 30, 2016
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We are interfacing AD9826 with Linear CCD image sensor KLI-2113 from On-semi,

We are facing the following problem with this AFE:

AFE is providing the wrong samples, When there is a transition from 0xFF to 0x00 or vice versa the A/D sends on its bus wrong codes.

This error occurs 50/60% of the samples.

The used parameters are:

Supply core +5.V,fADCCLK = 15 MHz, fCDSCLK1 = fCDSCLK2 = 5 MHz, CL = 10 pF, CDS mode.

Please help us.


We have seen the links related to the same problems,


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Arjun BK