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How do you unlock a jammed JTAG, I2C ADuC7023 eval board?

Question asked by clay on Jul 8, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2012 by aducuser

My ADuC7023  Rev B eval board was working but now I am permanently locked out after down loading a tight forever loop, bad code.  The board is ok from a hardware standpoint.  The code did not touch the JTAG pins. I think the core is too busy to respond to the JTAG interface.  Changed JTAG speed to slow / auto, same error,   JTAG mIDAS-Link returns  TCK low, RDI-Error 242. 

Tried I2CWSD with the reset and download switch sequence for a I2C mass erase and it returned an error also, invalid argument was encountered.

Any suggestions on how fix my board?