Vibration measurment

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We are developing a board that is fixed on a driller!

the driller goes by a robotic arm in one axis to drill a hole, at the beginning we know that there is initial vibration (mainly in one axis but they all the 3 can be affected).

at drilling time the vibrations are not the same as when the driller is revolving in the air (also depends on the revolve RPM).


we need you please to suggest the best sensor to select for this purpose ( accelerometer, gyroscope...)


we need to alert when the drilling tool is not good enough and needs to be changed so we assume that the vibration will be changed than a calibrated threshold maybe! to have stronger vibrations! change of frequency for vibration! we dont know yet how to know that!


So please suggest for us which sensor type to use, and if there is a solution for this exactly or something seems to it.