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Level Detector crashes the debug of ADAU1761

Question asked by benjaminws on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by DaveThib



Currently I am using SigmaStudio 3.12.4 with an ADAU1761 on an EVAL-ADAU1X61EBZ board

connected to the PC via USBi(EVAL-ADUSB2Z 1.3).


Whenever I use a level detector in a schematic the communication from the eval board to the PC/USBi

randomly stops. When I only use the block switched on the communication will stop after a few seconds,

sometimes a little longer. But if I change some parameter in the schematic the communication stops

immediately a lot of the times.


When the communication stops I mean that the USBi can't write or read to the DSP. When the Link

Compile Download button is pressed, the Block writes appear along with the Read Request but no

Read Results appear. When measuring the in and outputs of the DSP the program still works.


The only way to restore communication is by removing the power of the USBi. Removing the power

of the DSP does not work.


It does not matter if the schematic is large and complex or very simple like a throughput.


The communications stops and when downloading no Read Results appears. It also does not matter

which level detector is used.