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AD9650: VCM pin

Question asked by Mr.K on Mar 28, 2016
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I have a question about the VCM pin of the AD9650.

I am using the AD9650 by the configuration like Figure 79 in the AD9650 datasheet.

In my circuit, the VCM of AD9650 operates abnormally.


AS for the operation, the VCM does a continuous toggle to the High/Low level(1.8Vp-p).

When the VCM disables servo bit clearing 0x0F register of the AD9650, 1.8V level is output from the VCM.

I confirmed the VCM of AD9650 with the ADC driver cutting it.

However, the behaver of VCM did not change.


Could I have advice of the cause of this problem?


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