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Picozed SDR and Fast Attack AGC

Question asked by Nahemoth on Mar 28, 2016
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I am doing some tests to evaluate the performance of the AGC in Fast Attack mode, using the default configuration. I'm running Linux on the Zynq and viewing the signal with IIO oscilloscope. Here you can see the envelope a received signal, where the Y scale is normalized to 1, and X scale is in microseconds. It seems like the AGC detects the signal and 7 microseconds later, it configures a new gain. Then, these are my questions:


- How can I improve the AGC time response? 7 microseconds is too much, For example, the preamble of a 802.11g signal is 8 microseconds length.


- How can I change the target amplitude? The lock gain obtain an envelope of 0.1, losing ADC bits, and therefore a worse SNR.


Thanks in advance.