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Questions about the operation of HMC721LP3E

Question asked by Se-woong on Mar 27, 2016
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My customer asks some questions about HMC721LP3E operation.

They say that they want to know whether the  input swing level (VIH / VIL) of HMC721LP3E affects the output swing level (VOH / VOL) or not (even though the supply voltage and VR voltage level aren't changed.).


Please refer below their test result and let me know your opinions.


They changed only input level from (-1V ~ 1V) to (-0.2V ~ 0.2V) and output swing level was changed as below.

  • VIH = 1V / VIL = -1V => VOH = 1.16V /  VOL = 585mV
  • VIH = 0.2V / VIL = -0.2V =>

        (Simulation result : VOH = 963mV /  VOL = 671mV, Proto board measure result : VOH = 90mV /  VOL = 680mV)


Q1) Would you clarify whether output swing level of HMC721LP3E is influenced by input swing level or not?


Q2) Would you let me know correlation formula if there is any correlation formula existed between input swing level and output swing level?


Please advise me.


If you have any questions, please let me know.