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Question asked by ealpman on Mar 27, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by jcolao

Dear Community. I have a question about absolute maximum ratings of VinA+ (Pin19) ad VinA-(Pin20) of the AD7760 ADC. In datasheet at page 8 in Absolute maximum rating section it is written that absolute ratings of these pins are -0.3V to +6V. But as you know these pins are pre. diff. amp. inputs of adc so these pins should be able to handle negative voltage. Because most of the analog signals are bipolar signal so I checked application section in document and I saw that some application circuits given and shows how to convert single ended bipolar signal to differential signal at Pins19-20 in pages 26 and 27. This application information show that you can connect -2.5V to VinA+ and VinA- inputs. So I am asking that what is the real negative absolute maximum ratings of VinA+ and VinA- inputs(Pins 19 and 20) of AD7760