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adcmp601 spice simulation

Question asked by jinjinman on Mar 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by preet_singh

Hi. I'm newbie of circuit simulation.


I need a threshold detection circuit using adcmp601.


I design circuit like this. the summing amp sum three signals, and adcmp601 detects the summed signal over threshold.


So I downloaded ad8000 and adcmp601 spice model from analog device website. I can simulate ad8000. But the problem is adcmp601.


I got this error from session log.


I googled this error and I can find adcmp601 is for hspice and I think the errors come from syntax difference.


From model editor there are these syntax.

e0 18 0 17 0 4 max=0.3 min=-0.3

e1 20 0 19 0 1 max=0.3 min=-0.3


Is there anyone know how to simulate hspice model in orcad?


I also tried another simulator ADsimPE provided by analog device, but same result. This is the result from ADsimPE.


Thank in advance!