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Problem with reference design of FmcommS3

Question asked by vivivuvu on Mar 25, 2016
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I try to work with example 'qpsktxrx.xls'  (simulink) on kit FmcommS3 but i met several problems. Please give me some advices.

1. when i try to demodulate received signal to bits and compare it with the original bits (sending) then result doesnt match.

2. I dont really understand why the transmitter work with 60000 samples/frame (inputchannel/2), and the receiver work with 40000 samples/frame (but sample time is same and = 1/245760*outputchannel), i think if its sample time is same then its frame rate much be diffirent ?

3. In the block selector of receiver, index vector is selected at [1:4000]  ? did they just execute downsampling or something?

here is link to this axamle: QPSK Transmit and Receive Example [Analog Devices Wiki]


Any suggestions are welcome and sorry for my English.

Best regards.