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Question asked by chandravel on Jul 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by chandravel

Dear All,


                  we are interfacing Digital Amplifier and Blackfin board.

It is two differnt board. The digital amplifer need BCLK,LRCLK and Data to play the content.

We have two audio path:

1. Analog input is fed to ADC and the ADC output (BCLK,LRCLK and data) is fed to Amplifier. This loop is always works good .


The second loop is, the Analog data is given to ADC, the ADC o/p ((BCLK,LRCLK and data) is fed to Blackfin and output of Blackfing is connected with the Digital amplifier.


It is not working.


we checked the earth in the amplifier, it is not proper. Then we connect our board earth and amplifier earth together.

Still it is not working.


please share your ideas to solve the issues