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AD9361 register updating issue with no-OS driver

Question asked by Usher on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by Usher

Hello ADI folks,


     I manipulated AD9361 with fmcomms2 and no-OS driver but encountered one problem. The problem is which function will update register 0x1E6(REG_RX_BBF_R2346), 0x1EB(REG_RX_BBF_C3_MSB) and 0x1EC(REG_RX_BBF_C3_LSB)?


     I called ad9361_update_rf_bandwidth() to try to update RX analog filter and I noticed that ad9361_rx_adc_setup() needs those three register values to re-set ADC. However, I searched entire AD9361 no-OS driver package and only SPI read command manipulated  those three registers. No any SPI write command there to update values. But those register values indeed changed after ad9361_update_rf_bandwidth() is called.


     I am thinking if those register values will update itself just like the ENSM state register (0x017)? Can anyone confirm that? Thanks in advance.