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Eval. board AD9959 USB FX2 controller after power up not responding in LabVIEW

Question asked by dmitrit on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by Giladck

To begin with, I was searching for means to control AD9959 via USB and I came across the following LabVIEW library and instructions Controlling an AD9959 evaluation board from LabVIEW: the Basics . With those I was able to gain full board control, by writing bits/words to the respective registers and ports as outlined in board's user manual. So far so good. There is one issue remaining, that is I can not control the board at all right after power up. Current work around that I found to make things work is to run the native evaluation board software, only then switch to LabVIEW. I should note that  LabVIEW works with NI-VISA USB driver, that user must create first.


USB communications on the board side are controlled with the Cypress FX2LP controller (CY7C68013A). It appears this controller needs to be configured first (which native software does automatically), before it can send proper commands to the AD9959 chip. It would be very helpful if someone can clarify this configuration sequence, or point me in the right direction where to find this information. Is it possible to obtain evaluation board software source code?


Any recommendations how to resolve it will be very helpful.