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uClinux kernel not syncing?

Question asked by on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by Aaronwu

Hi everyone,


I'm not too sure how to phrase this or what it actually is - I see problems about 50% of the boot-ups of a custom Blackfin BF518 board with uClinux where the kernel seems to hang after booting.


The symptoms are that when trying to insmod a custom driver the call just hangs, and only a "reboot -f -n" will get it back (with some chance) to operating normally. The system log is clear of errors with highest loglevel. Calls like "ls" and the shell work as normal, as far as I can tell only kernel calls are problematic.


That the -n of the reboot call is required might indicate, as the title says, that the kernel is not syncing.


Has someone an idea of what might be the issue or how to debug this?


Thanks for any suggestions,