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Phase calibration capabilities of ADE7854A

Question asked by markushug on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by markushug

Hi all,


I have an urgent question about the phase shift compensation capabilities of the ADE7854A.

In the data sheet, a phase shift compensation range of -6,7° to +1,1° (at 50Hz) is noted.

I am confused about the direction of this amounts, what is positive and what is negative compensation.


In concrete, I use a Current Transformer with a phase delay of about 4°. Is the ADE7854A capable of compensating this phase shift, because it fits in the "negative" range (up to 6,7°) or is it not able because its "positive" range is only +1,1°?

Out of the datasheet, I cannot clarify without doubts.


Thanks for your help!