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ethernet driver BF607 and send frames

Question asked by pfeifferc on Mar 23, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by pfeifferc

Hi !

After adaption my PHY to the PHY on my own board I'm able to receive frames.

but send frames is not working. I use a code as given in loopback example in Power_on_self_test.


ETH0_MAC frame counters are valid and count the sended frames but on the real network there is nothing visible.

And my counter in the used KSZ8795 switch is also 0. RX side is working in BF607 and in the KSZ-Switch.


I have no idea whats wrong with the code, or with the usage of the driver, or the usage of the Hardware.

is there an example how to use BF60x Ethernet without loopback as shown in SelftTest ?


kind regards chris