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Request arecommended ADC PN for both porpose Thermocouple and Analog signal

Question asked by Se-woong on Mar 23, 2016
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My customer are trying to select a appropriate ADC for both porpose Thermocouple and Analog signal.

The concept of their product is one main board and eight daughter board.

And there are two kins of dahghter boards.

One has Thermocouple sensor and the other has a analog circuit with analog signal output.


So ADC in main board can receive both Thermocouple sensor output and analog circuit output.

Below are their requirements about ADC that they want to use.


1.For Thermocouple sensor

1) Use Kor T type Thermocouple sensors.

2) +/- 3 degree error range (Need a precise measurement.)

3) Don't need high speed sampling rate


2. For Analog Signal

1) General analog signal with 0~5V or 0~ 10V

2. Need high speed sampling rate (over 10KHz )


3. ADC requirement in main board

1) 24bit resolution

2) Differential 8ch (or 4 ch)

3) Over 10KHz sampling rate per channel

4) If possible, with OP AMp and internal reference voltage.


4. Concept of their product

1) Signal   --> peripheral circuit (OP Amp. or ADP1613 and etc) --> ADC --> CPU

2) Need simplest configuration


Would you recommend ADI ADC product for adapting above conditions?


Please advise me.


If you have any questions, please let me know.