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ADE7816 with Rogowski Coil, Irms Data

Question asked by Lyncheese on Mar 23, 2016
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I have encountered a problem during using the ADE7816 chip with Rogowski Coil sensor.

So, here are my configuration :

1. At the initialization, I select the SPI communication and locked it.

2. Write the required register, including the DICOEFF to 0x0FFF8000

     Write  0xFE, Address 0x43, 0x88, Data Write 0x0F, 0xFF, 0x80, 0x00

3. Then I set PGA to GAIN 2. Because my sensor have max output of 330mV/2000A

     Write 0xFE, Address 0xE6, 0x0F, Data Write 0x00, 0x01 (I used only Channel A,B,C)

     Here is the link, where I bought it : : Buy 12cm diameter 2000A/0.333V rogowski coils with integrator from Reliable sensor bulb suppliers on J…

     My application MAX output will be 1000A, so I think GAIN2 (250mV) should be enough since It will never reach 2000A(330mV).

4. Enable the Digital Integrator ( I already cut the Digital Integrator which come with the Sensor and connect the sensor output to ADE7816 current channel ).

     Write 0xFE, Address 0xE6, 0x18, Data Write 0x00, 0x01

5. Start DSP.


My problems are :

1. The data from Irms Channel A,B,C is only showing a consistent value, I try to use the Rogowski Coil to the phase cable with 10A load and the data is not fluctuating at all even when I put away the Rogowski Coil from the cable.

Weirdly, everytime I reset the board, the value changes. Usually at 700-800 with no load.

For example, when the ADE7816 is on, with no load the value of Irms of ABC channel will be about 700d.

After I attached the Rogowski Coil, the value stay the same. But, If I reset the board the Irms value will increase to about 40000d because of the load. If I un-attached the rogowski again the value will stay at 40000d until I reset again it comes back to 700d.


2. And everytime I attach or re-attached my rogowski, somehow It takes longer to read the Irms value from the register.


Am I missing something here ?


I have attached my schematic with the layout.

So, I have 2 boards. One is the ADE7816 System Minimum/Breakout, and another one is the Baseboard. The ADE7816 Breakout is on top of the ADE7816 baseboard.


Thank you.


Warm regards.