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ADV7511 8- bit YCbCr to HDMI problem (AP0100AP ISP camera)

Question asked by kj.liu on Mar 23, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by GuenterL


    We have EVAL-ADV7612-7511. It worked with Analog Devices script "HDMI in to HDMI out". Now we disable the ADV7612 and input a 8- bit YCbCr (720p30) signal from camera to HDMI(ADV7511). We wired this bus to the ADV7511 input and it didn't work(PLL can't lock but HPD active). Could you help to suggest what direction we could fix it.


I have survey this discuss and seem still no function. I also have checked that the LCD panel could work in 720p30 format.


This bus has 8 bit data, HSYNC, VSYNC and PCLK(74.25MHz). Our bus doesn't have DE signal so I tied it to gnd.  The register I have changed is as below . and the ISP format is also attached.


0x17 01

0x35~0x3A copy Table 33 top line,follow, 720p -50

0x41 10

0x48 10

0x16 B4

0x15 07

0xD0 30


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