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AD9915 Eval Board Issue

Question asked by armandavido on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by JLKeip
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I was recently attempting to use  the Profile Mode of the evaluation software and the PS0 pins to quickly switch between profiles. While I was activating these pins, the Evaluation Board stopped working.


I have two voltage sources to power the Evaluation Board, one set at 3.3V and the other at 1.8V as required by the chip. Before when I plugged the board into the voltage sources, they continued outputting the same voltages. Now, after the board stopped working, when I plug the chip into the sources, the 1.8V suddenly outputs 0V as if the two outputs were shorted together, and the 3.3V source goes down to 2V, like the inner impedance of the board lowered significantly. Also, when I plug the board into these sources the AD9915 chip gets hot in about 5 seconds. I remember it used to get hot under normal operation, but this seems drastic.


Do these symptoms mean that the AD9915 chip is broken, or is there some easily replaceable protective part of the Evaluation Board?