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ADIS16485: position of MEMS accelerometers inside the box? and type of glue for the box?

Question asked by raphael31 on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by NevadaMark

Dear ADIS16485 manufacturer or user,


We are using ADIS16485 for a CubeSat project called ENTRYSAT.


We would like to know what is the position of the MEMS accelerometer inside the ADIS16485 box?

We have understood that knowing this parameter is not necessary if the point of percussion alignment function is enabled as described in page 22 of the datasheet, because this function will report the acceleration measurements to a reference point at the corner of the box as described in the attached figure extracted from the datasheet.

However, in order to do so, the function should use the gyro measurements.

By doing this operation it may map into accelerometer values the error/bias of the gyros.

Moreover, for our satellite application, we may be in a situation for which the gyros will saturate (at 450°/s), whereas the accelerations remains small. We suspect that if the point of percussion alignment function is enabled it may false our accelerometers measurements.

That's why we ask where the MEMS accelerometer(s) is(are) located inside the ADIS16485 box.


In order to solve this problem by ourselves, we tried to open the box (at the expense of breaking the waranty of our spare unit), but we discovered that it is glued in some way, because we did not succeeded to open it.

Can we know the reference of the glue used?

We need this information  in order to investigate possible outgassing once in space.


By the way, we started (successfully) the space qualification process by putting the ADIS16485 under secondary vacuum (0.0001 mBar).

We will finish this process by testing it relative to thermal variations under vacuum and to vibrations.

Because this satellite project is a student one, we can provide test reports if you are interested.


Thanks in advance for your replies.