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ADAU1966 Evaluation board PLL not working

Question asked by sha@hys on Mar 22, 2016
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                   I brought ADAU1966 evaluation board. I am using ARWB software with I2C to communicate with board. I was able to read and write to registers successfully. Initially I programmed all registers to reset state. then I made power up bit 1 in PLL_CLK_CTRL0 register that is  programmed to 01. I have given oscillator as clock source. I am able to see clock at TP20 clk_out point. But I am not getting master clock at MCLK pin in JP2 (Figure 14 in evaluation board user guide). Why is this happening??


                    Actually I wanted to use board with my clocks and DAC inputs (not for audio stream). So I was doing this. Do I have to program any other register to get the MCLK for loop filter.


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