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ADV7280 Disable Automatic Video Adjustment

Question asked by Geoff65 on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by joe.triggs


We are developing a video processor that requires the automatic image adjustment features of the ADV7280 to be disabled.

Despite disabling automatic luma and chroma gains, and disabling ACE, the image is still automatically adjusting to the changing video input image.  Please help.

The settings currently being programmed are:
  - Reg 0x17 set to 0xFE (non-auto wideband, NTSC WN3)
  - Reg 0x18 set to 0x93 (manual filter SVSH18)
  - Reg 0x2C set to 0x8C (manual fixed luma and chroma gain)
  - Reg 0x2D set to 0x32
  - Reg 0x2E set to 0x58 (fixed chroma at 0x258 = 600)
  - Reg 0x2F set to 0x33
  - Reg 0x30 set to 0xD5 (fixed luma at 0x3D5 = 981)
  - Reg 0x0E set to 0x40 (access User Sub Map 2)
  - Reg 0x80 set to 0x00 (disable ACE)
  - Reg 0x0E set to 0x00 (access main register space)
What are we missing from the configuration to turn off automatic video adjustments ?