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Help selecting PLL evaluation board

Question asked by opass4arab on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by rbrennan

I would like you to help me in finding PLL evaluation board with the following specs:


I have a DDS that generates SWEEPING from one of the follwing ranges, and I want a PLL to multiply the frequency to generate a final output of SWEEPING frequency (Sinusoidal from 3.1 GHz - 4.6 GHz).


The ranges of output signals that my DDS can operate are:

n= 13 (mulitplier required to reach the desired final signal of 3.1 GHz - 4.6 GHz ranges)

353.85 MHz

238.46 MHz


n= 4

328.57 MHz

221.43 MHz


n= 15

306.667 MHz

206.667 MHz


n= 16

287.5 MHz

193.75 MHz


n= 17

270.59 MHz

182.353 MHz


(It can operate at lower frequencies, but these are preferable to have higher accuracy.)



IMPORTANT: I need the PLL to have internal VCO with minimum modifications required to the evaluation board. And in case modifications are required to@ the board, please mention them clearly here.




I am so new to these topics, so please mention even the basics and fundamentals.


So many thanks in advance.