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ADG5433/34: undesirable Vdd voltage while floating

Question asked by niranjan on Mar 21, 2016
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I have a ADG5433 witch on my circuit. Unfortunatley there is a situation when the following configuration is occuring due to the design.


Condition:  Vss and Vdd floating, Pin 16 (GND) to circuit GROUND.

And IN1, IN2 And IN3 (pin # 8, 9, 15) to 5V.

I expected a 0V at Vdd and Vss. But I am getting a 4.3V on pin Vdd and 0V at Vss.

Why the floating voltage of Vdd is 4.33 V, it should be close to zero right? And interestingly I have two switches on my circuit with same conditions and getting same 4.33 V at pin V dd. Is there any diode connection between Vdd and digital input?