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ADP5052 For DDR3 Design

Question asked by bcuttlefish on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by jespirit

Dear All:

My system ADP5052 CH3 provide 1.5V to DDR3 VDDQ/VTT(1.5V) use, but I found just ADP5052 CH3 output with DDR3 VDDQ/VTT 1.5V together, ADP5052 CH3 output voltage down to 1.39V~1.4V. ADP5052 can give DDR3 VDDQ and VTT 1.5V power source? DDR3 VTT feedback voltage to power source(ADP5052), It will be this reason ADP5052 CH3 output voltage unstable. But 1.5V directly from the power supply provide is not a problem and only 500mA power consumption, what can I do? I have proposals?