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ADV7180: What Update on myAnalog at Mar. 13th 2016 ?

Question asked by aimPoint on Mar 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by aimPoint

Hi all


We checking the update of video products by myAnalog and Engineer-zone design support files.


We recived myAnalog e-mail at Mar.13th 2016.

That is described ADV7180 update information as below.


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*ADV7180: 10-Bit, 4× Oversampling SDTV Video Decoder  Production


__ Content Updates __


ADV7180 Evaluation Board: ADV7180 Evaluation Board | Content Type : Evaluation Documentation | Status : Updated | Update Date : 08 Mar 16


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Check the Web site, but it does not know the updated content.

This notification is a "ADV7180_Installation_Guide_4.0.pdf" in ?


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