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When Shall we run Baseband DC offset calibration again?

Question asked by CDRFT Employee on Mar 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by tlili

Hi, My ADI friends:


As we know there are LNA+Mixer+TIA+LPF in the RX chain;

And there are RX QEC / RFDC offseet / BBDC offset calibrations for RX channel.


My understanding for when to do BBDC cal /RFDC cal as below table:


My question is :

1. If just LMT gain changed & LFP gain not changes, We just need to do RFDC cal only&No need BBDC cal?

2. If LMT gain not changed & just LFP gain changes, We just need to do BBDC cal only&No need RFDC cal?

3. If both LMT gain & LPF gain changes, We just need to do both BBDC cal & RFDC cal together?