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microblaze application does not run from BRAM ad6676

Question asked by bhatnagar.vaibhav81 on Mar 19, 2016
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I am using ad6676-ebz with cutomized platform that has kintex 160t on it.

basically, I took the vivado 2014.4.1 reference design of vc707, i made it run on kc705 successfully.

In the same way, I made it on my platform.


As this is a microblazed based application, the SDK application (that is basic onOS code 2015_r1) after the export run well from DDR3 (as given in generated linker script.) on kc705 or on my platform.

But, when I tried to launch the application from bram it never works on my platform, however, I optimized my applicaiton too much not it is too small and SDK never give any error regarding size.


text data bss dec hex filename

27620 1588 2292 31500 7b0c hello_world.elf


Actually, I have to make my hardware stand alone and I do not have an spi flash around my fpga hence I can not create a bootloader.

Pleae note that I do not change anything from vc707 to my platform except FPGA parts and removal of ethernet dma and ip (as I do not have them). The ddr3 size I set to 1Gb, I added some other HDl ips to process the adc data after jesd for decimation and flitering, nco correction.


Do I need to change anything like microblaze configuration at some point. Please let me know while developping the reference design if you find out same problem.


Thanks in advance.