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ADIS16448 Noise with external clock

Question asked by andrea.gramazio on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by NevadaMark
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I built a board similar to EVAL-ADIS and I'm trying to check ADIS performances, compared to its datasheet.

For noise evaluation, I set up 1000°/s range, no filtering, no decimation, internal clock and I acquired 10s of data on each axis with burst read. Data read is started after the rising edge of data ready signal on DIO1.

I found a noise of about 0.24 .. 0.28°/s, which is aligned with datasheet value (0.27°/s).


If i try to use an external clock (for example 1kHz), the noise performances are bad, because I found about 0.34..0.42°/s.

Ii tried several clock frequencies, from 800Hz to 1100Hz, without significative differences.


If I look at DIO1 signal, this is synchronized with input sampling clock and goes low after about 600us. However, it has a little jitter, like the conversion take a not constant time.


Can anyone help, please?

Thanks in advance and best regards,