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ADRF6703 Reference Input

Question asked by Sergey_Chub on Mar 18, 2016
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I have a question about the conditioning of the reference input to the ADRF6703. My problem is as follows.

The datasheet states that the proper conditioning for this input is ac-coupled generator output with voltage swing of 1V p-p. It mentions something about its input resistance being high. However, the details are extremely scarce, if not non-existent. The absolute maximum ratings section point out that the minimum voltage that can be applied to the reference input is approximately 0V.

Could anyone please provide me with some detailed information about this pin's internal circuitry or the proper way to handle it? Should the waveform be sine or pulse? What's the reason for mandatory ac-coupling and how does it tie in with absolute maximum ratings? Is there some circuitry inside the chip that pushes the input signal's Dc-bias up to make sure it's withing the limits?


Thank you very much in advance.