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SigmaStudio new level detectors

Question asked by Deca on Mar 18, 2016

Hi all,


I see in  latest Sigma Studio release two new level detectors:


  • Level Detector w Numerical Display
  • Level Detector w Numerical Display. Low DSP MIPS. Average enable.


In the .trap file I found multiple trap value for each instance:

- for the first type:


Instance  27 Signal SingleBandLevelDetwOutDisplay2ndGen1X trap value 130 register

Instance  27 Signal SingleBandLevelDetwOutDisplay2ndGen1LinX trap value 135 register

Instance  27 Signal SingleBandLevelDetwOutDisplay2ndGen1LinX_4 trap value 136 register

Instance  27 Signal SingleBandLevelDetwOutDisplay2ndGen1LinX_lo trap value 138 register

Instance  27 Signal SingleBandLevelDetwOutDisplay2ndGen1X_4 trap value 139 register

Instance  27 Signal SingleBandLevelDetwOutDisplay2ndGen1X_lo trap value 140 register


- for the second ones


Instance  56 Signal SingleBand_noRMS_2ndGen3LinX trap value 315 register

Instance  56 Signal SingleBand_noRMS_2ndGen3LinX_4 trap value 316 register

Instance  56 Signal SingleBand_noRMS_2ndGen3LinX_lo trap value 318 register


I would use them to have a feedback of signals levels in my audio path.

Could you give me some information about it?


Thanks to all.