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Difference between AD9434-500EBZ and AD9434-FMC-500EBZ

Question asked by siliconfrog on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by David.Buchanan

We need to build a mix-signal system with a input from ADC over 100MSPS, and the converted data needs to be processed by FPGA.

The evaluation board AD9434-FMC-500EBZ satisfies our requirements, but the we find that we might not be able to buy it from Asia region.


Is AD9434-500EBZ able to be an alternative board? What it we connect it with the FPGA board by plugging some wires, and we can construct an SPI interface to control it?

Because the precision of the converted data is not our major concern, we are wondering whether the configuration part could be successfully constructed with AD9434-500EBZ.


Moreover, where can we find specific pin description of these two boards? If plugging wires is feasible, this information will be necessary.