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ADV7182 : BT656 Sync timing differences between free run mode and Video detected mode

Question asked by Purush on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by Rob.Analog

When ADV7182 doesn't get a valid video signal then ADV goes to free run mode and based on configuration it enters into one of free run mode. Currently we selected BLUE SCREEN as free run mode.


As soon as ADV detects a valid signal then ADV sends valid video BT656 data to main processor.


We want to know what is the difference between valid video BT656 signal and free run video BT656 signal. Are there any differences with respect to video timings?  If there is a difference  please let us know is there any configuration in ADV7182 where we can select BT656 video timings for free run mode.


What we basically observing is we see a flicker when we switch between free run ( Blue Screen ) to Valid video frames. We believe that this could be because of difference in BT656 timings between free run and video detected mode.