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BLIP2 and ADVisionSensorController GUI connectivity

Question asked by twilkers Employee on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by sumanthbhatt

With all the wires plugged in, the system came up one time, and now can no longer connect;  I receive the "connection to target timed out" error.  Using powered USB hub.  Same operation with externally powered BLIP board or not powered. 


I hit board reset, tried again, no joy.  I see the USB serial port driver in device manager and it says it is working properly. I deleted the driver, powered everything down, waited, then up again.  Driver loaded ok, but no connection. 


When the board came up initially, I tried to reflash the board with ice1000 to get current firmware version for iOS.  The ice1000 needed upgrade, which seemed to happen ok, but no connect after this.  the interface asked me to power down everything, then reinvoke GUI which I did. 


what is the next step?