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ad8000 spice simulation problem

Question asked by jinjinman on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by jinjinman

Hi. I'm newbie in circuit simulation.


I designed amplifier using ad8000. I simulated using ad8000 spice model provided from analog device.


this is my circuit


I followed document TI application report SLOA070


these are steps what I did.


step 1 : open pspice model editor - file - new

step 2 : model - import and then File - save.

step 3 : File - export to capture part library and then I saw STATUS success notification.

step 4 : I open Orcad Capture program, then File - Open - Library, Browse AD8000 library.

step 5 : I saved it. and I made circuit as the picture to simulate.(of course I made new simulation profile)

step 6 : edit simulation profile - configuration file - library - browse AD8000 library file - add as global.

step 7 : I did transient simulation.


This is the result what I got from session log.


Is there anyone same result like me?

What do you think of my problem??


Thanks in advance.