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Replace the default VCO on the evaluation board EVAL-ADF4151

Question asked by duy.nguyen on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by rbrennan

Hi all,


The PLL evaluation board EVAL-ADF4151EB1Z comes with the Mini-circuits VCO "ROS-1800+" by default. Is it possible to order the board with other VCO (ROS-970+ from Mini-circuits) or eventually without the VCO? My problem is that I need to work at the band 830-970 MHz and not at the band 1700-1800 MHz of the default VCO ROS-1800.

If not, is there a good way to replace the default VCO "ROS-1800+" by "ROS-970"? I am a beginner at PCB design and I am afraid there will be a risk when taking off the VCO since it has been surface-mounted on the board. I found this video on youtube that seems to corresponds to what I want but I prefer first to double check with you guys: SMD Removal using a Chip Quik kit - YouTube

and also this video to solder the SMD VCO on the board:Solder a SMD IC with hot air - YouTube

Any feedback will be appreciated!

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