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ADAU1452  ASRC function

Question asked by AmmonMneg on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by TylerK


i have project which need both TDM and I2S data input to/output from  ADAU1452.

i need to ASRC do like this:

      -  SDATA_IN0 connect to CS5368 (ADC , TDM data,8channel)

      -  SDATA_OUT0 connect to CS4385 (DAC ,TDM data,8channel)

      -  SDATA_IN1 / OUT1 connect to CS4272 (ADC/DAC , I2S data,2channel IN / 2 channel out)

for my undersatand of ASRC, I just need to config the ADAU1452 like this:

      -  set the ADAU1452 DSP Core rate as CS4272.

      -  use 4 ARSC for CS5368 input, convert  CS5368 input rate as DSP Core rate

      -  use 4 ARSC for CS4385 output, convert  DSP Core rate  input rate as CS4385 rate.

can everybody help to check if the ASRC of ADAU1452 can finish the convert like above?

can everybody provide some example application like above for reference?


thanks very much!