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ADAU1761 program load with microcontroller - SigmaStudioFW.h

Question asked by dzingoni on Jul 7, 2011
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Hi everybody,

I'm developing a product using ADAU1761 with an Atmega 328 microcontroller to load program and control the operation.

I have interfaced the 1761 eval board with my Arduino uno board, I can load the program with sigmastudio inside the 1761, and a small program

on the Arduino can control the operation on the board (by using I2C and writing/reading interface parameters).


Now the problem is to use the microcontroller to load the program inside the 1761.

I read the documentation, I found the pdf describing SigmaStudioFW.h file,

I wrote the (I hope) proper code inside the macros, exported the files from SigmaStudio ....

I can low compile and load the uc software that comprises the call to "default_download()" to load the program code in the DSP .


The problem is that something is wrong: the uc seems hanged, no program is loaded.


Now the questions, the documentation regarding this procedure is quite scarce. I can understand it, but something is really missing:

- should we implement ALL the macros inside the SigmaStudioFW.h file?

- the macro SIGMA_WRITE_REGISTER is used? How can we understand the SIZE of parameters?

- what is the macro SIGMA_WRITE_DELAY supposed to do? Is it a simple delay? Why are there parameters regarding the device I2C address, data and lenght?

- are the conversion functions from integer and float to 5.23 needed? The default_download() routine don't seem to use them ....


If everything compiles, if the I2C writes are OK (and they are), the program should work, is there a way to test this?

I think that a really complete example is really needed, this part is critical and we need some help.

Regards. Daniele.