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ADAU1445 FIR filter MIPS calculation

Question asked by RPWG on Mar 17, 2016
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We are using the ADAU1445 for FIR processing. Recently we have updated Sigma Studio (now using 3.11 Build 2, Rev. 1396) and noticed the following entry in the compiler output:


Obsolete algorithm code encountered in this project:


1. Cell: <NAME>, Algorithm: FIR

2. Cell: <NAME>, Algorithm: FIR


Now that I have replaced those two FIR filters with the new algorithms, their MIPS count drops to '19', changing the number of taps has no impact on the MIPS calculation. I would expect the number of MIPS/instructions executed to be the actual number of taps if there is no hardware acceleration. I suspect there is a bug in the compiler output for the ADAU1445 using the updated FIR algorithm?


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