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To get 2 GHz of frequency at the output using FMCOMMs3-ebz and ZedBoard.

Question asked by AskQuestion on Mar 17, 2016
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I just started to work on FMCOMMS3-ebz with ZEDBoard. I followed the instruction given in AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ User Guide [Analog Devices Wiki] and and got the sample program result. Now I have to modify that code for my requirement. My requirement is as follows.


I have to get finally 200MHz of signal.Prior to that  I have to generate 2 GHz of signal and transmit this signal from Tx1A  of FMCOMMS3 evaluation board. I am looping back signal via RX2A. At receiving side, I need to beat incoming 2GHz signal with 1.8 GHz LO generated signal. Finally I should be able to get only 200 MHz of signal.


How could I do this ?

How can I modify the code which is given in AD9361 No-OS Software [Analog Devices Wiki] .  ???

I am following with No-OS method to do that.

Please let me know the details on this. ( I attached my requirement in block diagram.)


Thanks in advance.