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AD2S1210: typo in LSB size of LOT High/Low Treshold?

Question asked by Beber on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by jcolao


in the AD2S1210 datasheet*, page 22 in table 19, the LSB size of the LOT High/Low Threshold ist given as "0.09" degrees.

With this value the register content for LOT High would be 2.5°/0.09°= 28 = 0x1C for 14bit,

but for 12bit it would be 5.0°/0.14°= 36 = 0x24.

But there is only one default value for LOT High (or Low resp.) for all possible resolutions - which is 0x23.

So the LSB size would calculate correctly as the maximum degree value (9°) divided by the maximum 7bit value (127):

9°/127 = 0.0709. With this value also the LOT High default register value can be deduced:

2.5° / 0.0709 = 35 = 0x23, which is indeed the reset value for LOT High at all resolutions.


So I can only guess the datasheet value of "0.09" is a typo or a "very roughly rounded value" for "0.0709" instead of 0.07?