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Determine parameter "Complete Cycle" AD7621 individual devices

Question asked by Nawi on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by Nawi

The AD7621 datasheet specification table shows in the column THROUGHPUT SPEED the parameter "Complete Cycle" = time between conversions = t2. For Wideband warp mode this parameter is specified at max. 333ns.



The time between conversion start (negative edge conversion signal) and BUSY indicating the conversion is ready, is specified at t3 + t4 = 23ns + 283ns = 306 ns. So the acquisition time (loading capacitors) seems to be minimal 27ns.



We are interested in the parameter "complete cycle" time for individual devices. Is there a recommendation how to determine this parameter "complete cycle" time for an individual device? What can be expect when we apply a time shorter than specified? Will this reduce e.g. the DC or AC accuracy or both? Or are there other methods to determine this parameter?


Thank you.