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ADuCM320 Block Switching

Question asked by tak on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by Ledi

Hello all,


My customer has some questions for MDIO Block Switching to understand, could you please let me know following three questions?


Q1) At the Kernel, does "Downloader mode (no valid code)" have MDIO Download?

Reason is that the "Program Image" section (UG-498 Rev.B | Page 185 of 194) stated that there are six modes of operation:

But, I could not find out the explanation of the Downloader mode, other operation modes are stated at the UG.

I only find out the comment that "Typical Sequence" section (UG-498 Rev.B | Page 186 of 194) stated that "the kernel enters its own downloader"...


Q2) To the "Debug Mode", download pin (P2.3) keeps "only" High. To the "Normal / Trial Execute", download pin (P2.3) keeps Low.

Are those actions the "Must"? Am I correct understanding?


Q3) Can you please confirm attached pictures regarding Figure 37 and Figure 38 and let me know correct or not?



Sorry for many questions.

Best Regards,