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ADuM4160 for medical separation device

Question asked by swedetect on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by MSCantrell

We intend to use this ADuM4160 as a SEPARATION DEVICE in a MEDICAL ELECTRICAL SYSTEM between a PC fulfilling the requirements of IEC 60950 and a "measuring device" that has no electrical connection to the patient but is handheld by the nurse or the patient.

From the IEC 601-1 paragraph 16.5 it is required that the SEPARATION DEVICE shall give one MEANS OF OPERATOR PROTECTION for MAXIMUM MAINS VOLTAGE. In our case this is 240V which is highest RATED supply voltage (paragraph 8.5.3).
From Table 6 and and Table 13 to 16 and Table 7 one get a peak voltage of 240 x 1.414 + 10 = 350 V (the 10 V is for the internal voltages in our measuring device). Required test voltage then becomes 1474 V for one MOOP.
From Table 13 we get a required air distance of 2.0 mm.

Creepage distance from Table 16 and Working voltage 250 V, pollution category 2 and material group iiia or iiib give 2.5 mm.
Note: As the PC attenuates an overvoltage peak from the mains the overvoltage category is reduced from II to I = < 1500 V (Table 13 and 15 ) in our separation interface.


Is ADuM4160 intended for this purpose?