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Data monitoring / streaming via Matlab - issues with IIO System Object

Question asked by marrot on Mar 15, 2016
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after implementing libiio and iiod on zc702/ad9467 the IIO Ossciloscope for linux+windows works fine. Now i first want to monitor and then demodulate the input data with matlab. I followed your instructions on IIO System Object (Wiki) and build up a cfg-file as well as a matlab model. In the same directory i insert your IIO System Object(Github) template. So all control ports where added and i choose zero data input ports, one output data channel port with channel size one.

After compiling the 'external simulation mode' there are problems with some functions of the iio_sys and libiio_if.m. What reasons are there? Should the hardware or compiler be specially configured in matlab? Or how can i fix them to run external mode?

In 'normal simulation mode' it runs and the log-file also seems good, but i can't validate the monitored values.


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